Yanbu Export Refinery Project(LSPB)

24 Apr

Scope of work:

⦁ Construct the re-route section of the SHY-1 26in pipeline from KP0+000 to new scraper trap at Yanbu Gas Plant, YGP by installing an underground pipeline in the T-5 corridor, crossing the TAMA Highway using the previously installed culvert and bringing the line into the new Scraper Trap Enclosure near the Yanbu Gas Plant where the line ends with V73-D-010.

⦁ Construct the necessary utilities including utility water, utility air and firewater extension to the new scraper trap.

⦁ Construct the new 30” lateral (30”-P-XXX1-9CS9P) on the existing sleepers. Connect the lateral on both spool ends by stringing and welding the pipe from V73-D-010 to the proposed tie-in location. The tie-in will require closing ZV-516 and ZV-517 to shutdown 24”-P-9506-9A2, empty and de-gas the main header (24”-P-9506-9A2) to allow cold-cut tie-in of 30”-P-XX1-CS9P. Complete the other in-plant work including the tie-in to the blow down line and Tie-in the new 26” SHY-1 to the existing SHY-1 at KM 0.0.

⦁ Demolition and removal of existing SHY-1 pipeline buried across the Yanbu Export Refinery and the Remote Laydown Area.

⦁ Construct a new re-route of the PetroRabigh Pipelines (6in YRBBTU-1) and 18in YRBETH-1.

⦁ Construction of New Substation building and associated electrical and instrumentation.

⦁ Routing of FOC from new substation to process interface building and other communication work inside YERP/YGP.

Project Details:

Type of Project : LSPB

Length of Pipeline : 18 km

Size of Pipeline : 26 inch, 18 inch and 6 inch shy-1 30 inch Lateral

Location : Yanbu

Duration : 2010 to 2012