Water Treatment

In 1998, KCT established a water treatment plant in Abqaiq. Today, the water treatment facility has the capacity to produce 1 million gallons of mineral water daily and the ability to respond to increased necessity of water treatment.

KCT established the water treatment plant in ABQAIQ that produces 1000000 gallon of mineral water daily. It has the capability to respond to the increased needs of water treatment according to high standards. Clean water is essential for everyday life. Water treatment plant and system operators treat water so that it is safe to drink.

Our mission is to provide a continuous supply of safe, palatable drinking water — safe and free from contaminants that can cause disease or be toxic to a consumer; and palatable water that is free, or practically free, of unpleasant characteristics such as color, odor, taste, and turbidity. We strive to provide the best drinking water possible and to inform our customers of the quality of water that they are consuming.


Khalid Saeed Al Hajri Trading Company (KCT) was first established in 1974 (formerly known as International for Contracting and Trading (ICT) until 1984) in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, when the company’s main activity was transportation services within the Oil & Gas sector.


Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road
Near Dammam Technical College
Al-Dhahran, KSA.

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