Pipeline Rehabilitation(LSPB)

24 Apr

Scope of work:

⦁ Pipe Line Rehabilitation Phase V calls for the upgrading of the existing SJ-1 (46”/48”), QJ-2 (46”/48”) & QJ3 (48”) Pipelines by replacing and rehabilitating the corroded sections of pipelines run from Qatif Junction (QJ) to Ju’aymah Tank Farm (JTK) and the SJ-1 line from Safaniyah to Juaymah Tank Farm (JTF) to ensure the safer and more reliable operations of these pipelines and other related facilities.

⦁ The project also requires to decrude the existing pipelines, nitrogen purging, removal of existing pipelines by cold-cutting and re-installation of new pipelines in the same routes, removal of GOVs and MOVs with new ones and re-commissioning them, modification of various jump-overs in and out of plants, construction of oil drain ponds.

⦁ The scope also requires the replacement of 334 sections with an approximate length of 77.69 km, including 12” Drain Line Header,7 Isolation Valve Replacement, 9 Thrust Boring locations and 9 Open Cut Asphalt Roads.

Project Details:

Type of Project : LSPB

Size & Length of Pipeline : 48 inch 98 km(SJ-1 Oil)

: 46 inch 60 km(QJ-2 Oil)

: 42 inch 72 km(BRT-2 Gas)

: 16 inch 72 km(BRT-1 Gas)

Duration : 2007 to 2012