Manifa Well Site Completions

24 Apr

Scope of work:

Approximate number of Well Sites and Drill Sites to be constructed:

25 Causeway Oil well site facilities at Manifa Oil Field consists a total of 84 wells

6 water Drill Sites with 39 wells at Abu-Hadriyah

7 Oil & Water Injection Drill sites consists 79 Oil /Water injection wells at Tanajib 8 water injection Drill sites with a total number of 28 water injection wells at Manifa.

20 water injection wells at Manifa Finger Drill sites.

The scope of work involves the procurement of material, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance for the construction and development of the Oil/Water Drill sites in Manifa, Abu-Hadriyah and Tanajib.

The construction scope covers all the mechanical, civil, electrical and Cathodic protection for the drill sites and the construction of approximately 10 kilometers of 20” RTR sea water pipeline from Tie-in Point No. TP-2 near pumping station at existing GOSP-1 to Tie-in Point Nos. TP-3, 4, 5, 6 at the contractor camps, installation of crude oil pipelines sizes ranging from 10”,12” 16” 24”.

This also includes installation of onshore crude oil pipeline (36” B/G Trunk line), installation of on-shore water injection pipeline (42” B/G East Flank Line) in Manifa and Tanajib Section.