Khursaniyah Oil Field Project

24 Apr

Scope of work:

The scope includes the construction of gas injection and supply oil system, water injection system, water supply system and utilities system.

This also involves the construction of various sizes of pipelines from 2” dia. to 36” dia. for an approx. length of 450-KM. The work spans up to the construction of drill sites, fabrication of spools, headers, flow lines with positive seal coupling, internal/external coating of small diameter of pipelines, girth weld, fittings, shop fabrication consisting of spool fabrication, well head platforms, crossover platforms, pipe racks, guard rails, etc. with an approx. quantity of 10,000 tons of structural steels.

It also includes instrumentation, electrical, CP works using the latest technology, standards and specifications of Aramco. Different sizes of layout from well head to switch racks and RTUs. The pipelines are laid to carry out water injection pipeline, oil trunk lines, utility and water supply pipelines to Khursaniyah Plant which cross existing pipeline corridors, marl roads, asphalt road etc.

Project Details:

Type of Project : WUR

Location : Khursaniyah

Size & Length of Pipeline : 36 inch 42 km

: 24 inch 68 km

: 20 inch 72 km

: 16 inch 74 km

Duration : 2005 to 2009