Construction of Onshore Maintain Potential F/L and T/L

24 Apr

Scope of work:

⦁ The scope includes the installation of oil and water injection wellhead pipes, flow lines and trunk lines at various Saudi Aramco operational areas, including Shaybah and Hawtah fields. The approx. quantity of pipeline work is estimated around 500KM for pipeline size ranging from 8” to 36”.

Scope also includes communication work as follows

⦁ Install, Test & Cable termination of analog JB’s, Digital JB’s, disconnect switches etc.

⦁ Install, Cable, Terminate and software configuration of RTU’s at different locations

⦁ Lay, Terminate and Test the buried Fiber Optic Cables from each RTUs up to the designated area.

⦁ Install, Calibrate and test all field instruments like temperature, pressure and level indicators, gauges and transmitters etc including choke valves & MOVs.

⦁ Construction of RTU shelters and installation of RTUs, Fiber Optic Cable Patch panel, OTN MUX & marshaling cabinet etc in the RTU shelter including battery power system. Installation of test leak detection sensors at all sectionalizing valve areas.

Project Details:

Type of Project : WUR

Location : Shaybah

Size & Length of Pipeline : 8-12 inch 180 km

: 16-24 inch 130 km

: 30-36 inch 190 km

Duration : 2005 to 2010