Pipeline Construction

KCT Pipelines specialized in Construction of Oil, Gas and water cross country pipelines.  developed for a wide range of terrains, including deserts, mountains and in different climates.

KCT has a proven track record for large-diameter, complex, high-pressure and logistically challenged various pipeline projects.

Pipeline Rehabilitation

KCT Co. also specialized in Pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance such as structural steel, fabricates from a simple pipe support up to valve operating platforms and wellhead platforms, mechanical, piping, tank fabrication and erection.


Coating Services

KCT pipelines division specialized in Coating, Sand blasting Grit blasting. also supply coating materials and coat by hand or machine any surface pipeline sections and fittings, foundations, and other flat and regular/irregular surfaces. Also coating work and materials as per Saudi Aramco Standards, Pipelines shall apply APCS – 104 & APCS – 105 at an approved vendor coating terminal and our teams shall receive the pipe from any designated yard or work site in kingdom, load, and transport to vendor coating terminal. After the pipe coating, our own transportation divisions will transport the Coated pipe to work site.

Civil & Mechanical

KCT Co. specializes in fabrication and installation of gas and oil wellhead pipelines and tie-ins , welding of trunk lines and flow lines ranging from 4” to 56” diameter including scraping, hydro testing and pre-commissioning of the lines and other pipeline related  services.

Also specializes in construction of well pads, Through relevant experience and the use of new technologies, we carefully build every well pad to withstand the unpredictable challenges associated with Arabian climates and soil conditions In addition to building strong and stable well pads, we provide all the access services to clear and prepare the ground for construction including skid roads, ROW’s and asphalt roads.


KCT Co. have own electrical crew, our electrical team is highly qualified, experienced, and well aware about the international standards, and have gained good experience after working with major clients and several project in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

They are capable to handle and execute any major Electrical Project.

E&I Engineering

KCT Co. also specialized in support services for Electrical & Instrumentation Construction with our experienced and professional project teams.

In addition, we are committed to our clients for excellent services with high quality and safety standards through well planned productivity and effective Cost Control System.

Maintenance Services

We provide all kinds of support services for pipeline projects.

Our services safely include to carry out safety repairs and maintenance of pipelines structural steel, fabricates from a simple pipe support up to valve operating platforms and wellhead platforms, mechanical, piping, tank fabrication and erection and all other Oil & gas related maintenance..


Khalid Saeed Al Hajri Trading Company (KCT) was first established in 1974 (formerly known as International for Contracting and Trading (ICT) until 1984) in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, when the company’s main activity was transportation services within the Oil & Gas sector.


Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road
Near Dammam Technical College
Al-Dhahran, KSA.

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