24 Apr

Shaybah NGL Pipeline Project (EPC)

Project Details:

Type of Project : LSTK (EPC)

Length of Pipeline : 633 km

Size of Pipeline : 36 inch

Location : Abqaiq to Shaybah

Duration : 2012 to 2016

Scope of work:

⦁ The Scope of Work includes subcontracting works including detailed design of the pipeline and ancillary facilities, material procurement, inspection, expediting and transportation of contractor-supplied materials and equipment from point of origin to the job location, construction and commissioning of the pipeline and its associated facilities.

⦁ Construction of 36” new U/G Pipeline from Shaybah NGL to KM 633 near Abqaiq. Construction of 6 new Scraper Launcher/Receivers at different locations of the NGL pipeline from Shaybah to Abqaiq (SHY-NGL Scraper trap area, KM-211, KM-431, & KM 633) with handling facilities and all associated kicker lines, equalizing lines, blow down, drains & vent line piping.

⦁ Civil/structural works associated with the construction of scraper launcher/receiver facilities and mainline isolation valve stations; Installation of 24” flow bypasses with a new isolation and check valve at Juaymah Gas Plant; Installation of 15 EA MOVs and 77 EA HOVs along the new NGL pipeline. Hot tapping for jump over connections inside JGP Plant and for lateral connections at KM 633; Provide and install mainline valves assemblies; Installation of fenced burn pits for all scraper traps and mainline valve stations.

⦁ Construction of one overhead power line (OHP) with pole-mounted transformer at KM-633 approximately 1.3 kilometre long; Install new RTU (5Ea) and upgrading of existing RTU (20Ea); Installation of C.P. Stations at 4 locations for the new pipeline sections from Shaybah NGL to KM-633; Installation of Leak Detection Systems at 4 locations for the new sections from Shaybah NGL to KM-633.

⦁ Installation of Approx. 633km of FOC and other communication equipment.

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