Chairman Statement

It was a seed at the early beginning; it grew over the years to become a young tree with deep roots;its Shiekh Khalid Bin Saeed Alhajri Group. The beginning was through I C T, a small institution established by my father. But after his death in 1984, the challenges started although I was only 16 years old. Through years, the institution was developed to become more comprehensive, until it becomes a Group working in different fields such as heavy transport, heavy equipments, fuel haulage, rig moving, tyres and car accessories, water treatment plant, travel and tourism, security services, furniture, real estates... The group nowadays is able to achieve nonesuch success in the local and international market.


       Shiekh Khalid bin Saeed Alhajri

Realstate Services

Khalid Saeed Al-hajri Co. is a leading property development company, with strong investment and management capabilities.

Khalid Saeed Al Hajri Co. (Real Estate Development Division) established primarily to create world-class real estate developments for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whilst providing a stable and profitable investment portfolio for all.

We are dedicated to achieving new standards of innovation, excellence and value in urban design and sustainable development. Our priority is the immediate and future benefit of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Central to the success of ALDAR are over 500 multi-disciplinary staff providing expertise and knowledge from around the globe..
Our Vision:

    Rewarding investment
    Leadership - To be regarded as the most credible and reliable real estate company in the region by the real estate and financial community as well as our customers.
    Long-term Communities - To create a modern, efficient, attractive and sustainable environments to facilitate the social and economic development of
    Growth - To achieve the attraction of inward investment, and controlled expansion into international markets.
    Premium - To create communities developed to high-quality standards, balancing the need for infrastructure with the sustainability of the environment.
    Environment - To protect and maintain the environment so that our developments complement and enhance the existing beauty of the sea and landscape


    Through the planning of our developments, ensure delivery of the highest quality products on time and on budget with the highest standards of finishes.
    Create and promote developments that are forward looking, innovative and tailored for specific markets.
    Promote Saudi Arabia image as a global destination, a good place to live, work, visit and enjoy life.


We have been in the tire industry for the last 25 years and are the exclusive distributors of leading brand tires. KCT represents prime companies who manufacture a wide range of tires for small vehicles as well as for trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment designed to withstand all kinds of terrain and harsh weather conditions. KCT has also been supplying tubes and valves.

Our major brands are:


MAXXIS tires have proved that is really worthy tires among the tire giants in Saudi Arabia. A commitment to excellence, combined with the pursuit of superior performance, is the driving force behind MAXXIS. We are driven to meet our customers’ needs, and then to surpass their expectations. Maxxis produces tires for automobiles and light trucks as well as for all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, race karts, lawn and garden equipment, trailers and industrial equipment.



Globe Star is the most popular solid tires around the world and exceed international quality standards of major manufacturers. With direct access to the main ingredient –Natural Rubber- produced in Sri Lanka, uniform quality is guaranteed as every batch of compound processed is rigorously tested to meet in house standards exceeding widely accepted norms for materials worldwide.



Primex is rapidly becoming the tire of choice for hard working people that rely on their tires. Primex has built a solid reputation for performance and value for Industrial, Commercial, Mining, Terra, Construction and Forestry tires.


The Galaxy brand is widely recognized as the industry leader in numerous markets around the world. Supplying tires to Original Equipment Manufacturers represents a significant percentage of Galaxy’s actives. Behind every Galaxy product there is over 80 years of experience and attention to detail that is unsurpassed.

Water Treatment

Clean water is essential for everyday life. Water treatment plant and system operators treat water so that it is safe to drink. 

KCT has its own water treatment plant and is able to supply sweet water to Rig companies.

The plant is currently rated at 200,000 gallons per day. The Water Treatment division is continuing to respond to increased requirements relating to water management, water quality and treatment stan


Our mission is to provide a continuous supply of safe, palatable drinking water -- safe and free from contaminants that can cause disease or be toxic to a consumer; and palatable water that is free, or practically free, of unpleasant characteristics such as color, odor, taste, and turbidity. We strive to provide the best drinking water possible and to inform our customers of the quality of water that they are consumin.

Heavy Equipment


KCT is a 100% Saudi Company, started its Heavy Duty Transportation Operations in 1984 only with ten tractor-trailer units to service Aramco water haulage contract. KCT has now more than twenty four years of meaningful experience as a provider of diversified support service to energy and public and private sector throughout the Middle East. KCT has developed into one of the large heavy duty transportation organization with five hundred units on the roads from one end of the Kingdom to other and to the Gulf States under long term contracts.

KCT’s TRANSPORATION operations are professionally managed to serve international quality standards, by a team of professional people who take pride in their work. The success of KCT over the last few years is largely due to the quality, safety, reliability and professionalism of its management team.

KCT’s vehicle fleet includes Heavy Duty Trucks, water tanks, fuel tanks, heavy duty low beds, extended low beds, flat beds and other supporting vehicles. Its’ heavy equipments are Cranes, Wheel loaders, forklifts etc.

KCT has sufficient highly qualified and experienced manpower from different countries to provide highest applicable international standard to its valuable customers. All its activities are supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

KCT’s mission is to be recognized inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Gulf region as a professional Rig Mover, Cargo Hauling and Heavy equipment Rental contractor.


KCT is highly specialized in regard to the Rig Move Operations with its well-trained professionals and with modern equipments. It has already gone a long way to achieve its goal by providing safe and economically effective rig move service to all the major drilling companies inside Kingdom and throughout Gulf region. It operates with a high quality of service and has an excellent safety record.

KCT’s team is a consortium of hand picked professionals well known for their skills and expertise in every aspect of the rig moving industry. All team members have previously managed or supervised major rig moving companies. Clients can rest assured in the knowledge we offer superior problem solving ability, reliability, integrity, and, confidentiality in service. We make it our business to know when the Drilling Rigs are moving and where they are moving too, the day before they actually move! That is why we are specialized! We offer our customers a 100% Risk Free Rig Move.

KCT is fully capable of handling the most demanding rig move tasks. It has fully equipped with most modern management, both operational and financial. All our activities are supported by a team of qualified professionals.



i) General Cargo Haulage.
ii) Sweet water Haulage
iii) Fuel Haulag


KCT has more than twenty four years of experience for transporting general cargo from one end of the Kingdom to other and throughout Gulf region. KCT’s growing list of satisfied customers includes local government companies, Public sector companies, private companies and many international oil & gas companies.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Travel & Tourism


  • Is a member of IATA
  • Is well versed with IATA policies & procedures
  • Has highly experienced, courteous and professional staff
  • Renders highly personalized and professional services at all times
  • Offers quality travel and tourism options at no extra cost
  • Caters to customers from Saudi Aramco
  • Caters to major corporate accounts
  • Caters to walk-in customers
  • Offers holiday packages
  • Makes tailor made holiday packages
  • Offers car rental services in KSA and globally
  • Arranges travel and holiday Insurance
  • Arranges International Driving License
  • Arranges ticket delivery at your door step
  • Offers visa assistance

We ensure that our customers are offered the airline of their choice, whilst suggesting various options that offer our customers the most convenient flights. Our policy, procedures and service standards ensure that our staff book, confirm and reconfirm all flights, and issue the passenger a detailed and well planned itinerary to ensure a smooth and pleasant trip. Sincere, strong and close working relationships with major airlines, hotels and car rental companies around the world enables us to offer our clients comfort and convenience in KSA and globally.


Fit like a glove and work as ‘One TEAM’ in close co-ordination and partnership with you. We will make you feel welcome at home and assure you that we will deliver mutually beneficial results.